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A personal note from Sarah:

On the eve of my mastectomy and the first step in my treatment for breast cancer, I wanted to take a minute to thank you all, and say again, how very humbled, honored and moved by this community I am. We will be able to stay open due to an incredible team of individuals who are VOLUNTEERING their time to help run the shop, so we can keep the doors open during treatment, and keep growing this vision. Most of these people are new friends I have made since opening the shop nearly a year ago. Jessie Edminster Lawson of Flying Cat Arthouse will be one of our featured artists taking a turn running the shop, so pop in and meet her. She is amazing. We are lucky to have Maggie and Ben of Green Light Farm, who have agreed to keep our cooler stocked with their gorgeous flowers and lovely bouquets, and as always, new products will keep coming through the doors. So stay tuned, hours may be slightly shortened, but we will keep you posted, and as always, bouquets will be available next door at the Menomonie Market Food Co-op. Thank you all, again, for your understanding, patience and continued support.
I'll see you soon!!